New version is coming

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website. Sorry but I got a day job and it has been really busy. The good news is I managed to find some time recently to create a totally new version of Audiobook Wizard which is faster, with more features and at the same time less features (to make the process as error free and as painless as possible). More importantly, this is the only version that supports OS X Lion. It’s complicated why the previous version wouldn’t but it has to do with use of Rosetta which is no longer supported in OS X Lion. I plan to put this version up for sale on the Mac Appstore for a pittance to support my programming habit. The previous version will continue to be available free of charge and I encourage you to continue using it if you are using Snow Leopard and lower versions of OS X.  Thank you for the many emails I received and hope the new version will fill the need for Lion support.