Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a happy new year and success in 2012. Reflecting, 2011 has been mostly kind to me. I read even more books than ever or rather I listened. Since discovering audiobooks, I find that I rarely read paper books or ebooks anymore. Audiobooks allow me to read when I otherwise won’t have time like while driving or at the gym. I am always trying to convince friends to jump on the audiobook bandwagon but it’s not easy and their first read will always be difficult. Listening to a book takes some getting use to.
On Audiobook Wizard, it has been a good year. I released version 2.0 a couple of months back and so far sales has been steady. I am grateful for the support I am getting from my users. But if you are not ready to trade up from version 1.1 which is still completely free, that’s ok too. If you used Audiobook Wizard and it has in some ways enrich your experience with a good book, I am happy.

See you in 2012!