Version 2.2 is here. And why.

I just uploaded version 2.2 for approval to the app store. I expect this to be available for download in a few days. The key changes in this version are:
1. Added encoding quality option to the app. I received quite a few requests to add this option so you can say I caved under pressure. I always wanted to create the simplest app possible that people can use without thinking. However, I do think I might have underestimated my user’s desire to deal with options. So here it is in version 2.2. You can choose CD Stereo, Enhanced and Standard encoding quality. The bit rates are 128 kbps stereo, 64 kbps mono and 32 kbps mono respectively. The default setting is Enhanced. Enhanced mode is actually similar to Audible audio’s enhanced mode while Standard is equivalent to Audible Format 4.

2. Improved conversion speed. Up to 6X compared to version 2.0! It’s kind crazy. I don’t know whether to be proud or to kick myself for not making this improvement earlier. If you are in a hurry and can accept standard quality encoding (32 kbps mono), then this version can encode a 12.5 hours book in 8 minutes. Version 2.0 took almost 60 minutes. In CD Stereo mode, it is at least 3X faster then previous version. About 18 mins for the same book. Enhanced mode is about 4X faster.

With the availability of encoding quality option, the output file size becomes an consideration. Using the same example of a 12.5 hours book, in Standard mode the final file size is 200MB. For Enhanced mode it’s 400MB. In CD Stereo it is 600MB. If file size is important to you, then do consider the quality vs size compromise.

The option also affects the maximum book length allowed for any one file (No worries. You can still create unlimited length audiobooks. Audiobook Wizard will just split it into multiple files for you once the maximum size limit has been reached). For CD Stereo and Enhanced, any volume of a multi volume book cannot exceed 13 hours. In Standard mode, the maximum length is an incredible 37 hours in about 600+ MB. Nice for archiving.

So you can see why I just had to release version 2.2. The combination of faster encode and much demanded bit rate option is irresistible. Please contact me directly if you find any issues and have any suggestions for future improvements.