I work professionally as a programmer, on and off. Mostly I work on windows compatible applications using dotnet, c# and vb.net. In the past I’ve done c/c++ stuff as well. Sometimes I get to play with asp.net. I get obsessive. I am so obsessive I created Audiobook Wizard to satisfy my own needs. But then I do love to read. This software is for others that love to read.

Audiobook Wizard is my first mac desktop application written in 2011. Having said that, it is now 2019 and I’ve continuously updated and supported this app for 8 years through all the version of macOS until 10.14 Mojave. Audiobook Wizard should be much more refined and capable now. Feel free to write and let me know if you find something lacking or buggy in Audiobook Wizard. I will do my best to continue supporting this app. I do not intend to leave my users behind if I can help it 🙂

Jan 2019