Easiest way to have nice chapter names

I’ve been getting feedback recently on chapter names. Specifically how Audiobook Wizard name chapters in the final audiobook output. This is the chapter markers visible in iTunes when you play the audiobook. What if you have a bunch of mp3 files with names like these?

As Audiobook Wizard uses the file name to generate chapter names, the resulting chapter marker names will be just as long. This seems to bother some people. And I have a solution. Depending on your actual issue, you can either use OSX built in Automator app to rename these files or for more complex scenario, something like NameChanger will do nicely. Click through to find out more.

Warning: When shortening or changing file names, remember Audiobook Wizard need to know how to sort the files in proper order. For example, if your files is originally named “1 – ..”, “2 -..” etc, don’t remove the numeric value as they indicate the order of the book chapters.

Recommended settings for ripping audiobooks

If you are using ripping audiobook CDs to MP3 or AAC format prior to converting them to audiobook format using Audiobook Wizard, here’s the recommended settings and why.

Do not be tempted to use “Spoken Podcast” as the resulting quality may cause problems after Audiobook Wizard up convert to 128 kbps during the conversion process. You may choose to use “error correction” but the result is hardly worth the trouble. Remember you can and should delete the ripped MP3 or AAC files from your iTunes library after you’ve converted them to a single audiobook using Audiobook Wizard. The extra disk space needed for a high quality rip will be reclaimed so do not hesitate to use high quality settings to get best result from Audiobook Wizard.

Version 2.0 is now available

The latest version of Audiobook Wizard is on sales for $4.99 at the Mac Appstore! (goto download section to find download link). It has taken a while but it’s finally here. Version 2.0 of Audiobook Wizard is simpler to use, twice as fast and fixes a lot of reported bugs from version 1.1.
I hope current users will consider upgrading to the paid version to support my work on Audiobook Wizard. However, version 1.1 will continue to be available for free although I’ve discontinued support for it. For new users that have never converted audio files into audiobooks for their iDevices before, version 1.1 is a good way to get your feet wet.

New version is coming

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this website. Sorry but I got a day job and it has been really busy. The good news is I managed to find some time recently to create a totally new version of Audiobook Wizard which is faster, with more features and at the same time less features (to make the process as error free and as painless as possible). More importantly, this is the only version that supports OS X Lion. It’s complicated why the previous version wouldn’t but it has to do with use of Rosetta which is no longer supported in OS X Lion. I plan to put this version up for sale on the Mac Appstore for a pittance to support my programming habit. The previous version will continue to be available free of charge and I encourage you to continue using it if you are using Snow Leopard and lower versions of OS X.  Thank you for the many emails I received and hope the new version will fill the need for Lion support.

I love to read

I do. Really. Then I got older. I started going blind from looking at computer screens. So i stopped reading and started listening. I found this great software called Audiobook Maker by Ben Gummer and use it to convert my mp3 audio files to audiobook format so I could listen to them on my ipod and iphone. But it has problems. Like programmers everywhere, I had too much time on hand and set about writing my own version of an audiobook maker.
This is really my first Mac application having just learned objective c. Audiobook Wizard will have bugs and issues and problems and god knows what else. However, it will mostly work. I hope.

Do try it. Let me know if you like it. Only for Mac OS X. Oh yeah…it’s free.