What is this?

If you listen to audiobooks, at some point you will find yourself with a collection of mp3 files, aac or audio CDs. The problem with these is they do not lend themselves for playback on devices such as ipad or iphone. These won’t “remember” the current playback position e.g. for mp3 files, if you pause a track then use your device to play something else, when you come back to the original track it will start playback right at the beginning. Very annoying. M4B specification audiobooks on the other hand will remember where you stopped and this information will survive even a device reboot! As for CDs…who listens to CDs nowdays? Rip it to mp3 or aac and use Audiobook Wizard to enter the modern age. Audiobook Wizard takes in any number of mp3 or aac audio files and basically joins them into one huge m4b audiobook file, complete with chapter markers so you can easily skip back and forth between chapters. Each file that you provided as input becomes one chapter point. It is iTunes friendly and will tag the file with metadata tags that iTunes understand e.g., title, artist, album and even cover artwork. Hooray!

Audiobook Wizard Features

  • Accepts multiple sound format including mp3, aac (m4a and AAC) as well as wave files
  • Also supports mp4 and 3gp encoded video files (only audio will be extracted)
  • Simple operation. Default settings provide optimal experience.
  • Can handle mixture of different file formats in one book
    • Input files can have vastly different bit rates and encoding format
    • Useful when compiling audiobook from different sources e.g. lectures, mashups etc.
  • Automatically and accurately generates multi volume audiobooks when necessary
    • Ensures that size of each volume is acceptable to iTunes
    • Correctly name each volume so iTunes can identify the playback order
    • When unnecessary, reduces audiobook to one file for easy management
  • Automatically add chapter markers to completed audiobook
    • Chapters named according to input file name (user may edit chapter names manually)
    • Chapters support multi language and mix language
    • Easily jump to any chapter using any audiobook player’s playback control
  • Capable of handling hundreds of files in one session
    • Typical audiobooks ripped from CDs are less than 50 files
  • User can tag audiobook with iTunes meta tags for title, author, comments and add album artwork
    • This is optional but is useful for greater control over audiobook collection
  • Automatically add the right meta tags to the audiobook so it will appear under Audiobook category in iTunes
    • Makes it easy to find and manage all your audiobooks and sync to your iPhone etc
    • Once sync to your iPhone, it will appear under in the books app.
  • Generated audiobooks will work with any audiobook format capable players even on Windows/Android platform.