Version 3.0 is ready for download

 Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 10.27.51 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 10.27.51 PM

Version 3.0 is unavoidable after all since Apple enforced implementation of sandboxing for apps. So the latest version’s key feature is … you guessed it … app sandboxing.  App sandboxing is a nice security feature that helps to protect your system against malware and rogue software. However, apps will be limited in what it can do. So the user interface needs to be changed. Fortunately, the change is minor. But the good news is in conjunction with version 3.0, I found time to add a couple of very useful features as well.

First off. You will notice that Audiobook Wizard ask you to enter a book title NOT a file name.  That’s because sandboxed app cannot create arbitrary files in the user’s system. From the given book title, Audiobook Wizard will create the audio file(s) and place them into the user’s Music folder under the subfolder “Audiobook Wizard”. On the other hand, since the new version has an option to automatically add these books to iTunes, users won’t really have to deal with this new directory arrangement at all.

On to a great new feature. You can drag drop files directly from iTunes itself into the app! This is a very useful feature for people who are already using iTunes to manage their audio files. Select the files from the Music library page or from the playlist and simply drop them into Audiobook Wizard. The order of the files will exactly follow the order within iTunes. Great if you are accustomed to using iTunes’s powerful file & tag management capability to order your files. Once dropped into Audiobook Wizard, there is no need to do any sorting or re-arranging.

But if you do want to manually re-arrange files, you will like the next improvement which is the drag and drop capability of the app. Files can be added to the any row on the list when previously it can only be added to the last row. Moving and re-arranging files within the list is easier and more accurate. Previously, adding a file or files to an existing list causes the list to be re-sorted. This is not always an intended consequence. In this version, files are never auto sorted. Files are placed into the list according to the order they are presented when drag dropped (this is usually same order of files in the Finder window). User must click on sort if that is needed.

All that and some hidden improvements to come. I expect version 3.0 to be approved for download soon. Thank you all and do write me directly if you need help.